City Management

David Orr, City Manager

Program Description

To assure to the citizens of Texarkana the maximum level of service within available resources for their, health, safety, and comfort.

Program Focus

The office of the City Manager assists the citizens of Texarkana through the elected Mayor and City Council in determining the desired level of municipal service in the community and to provide that service in the most efficient and economical manner in keeping with the ideals of democracy. The City Manager represents the city government in relations with other governmental units. This is accomplished through participation in meetings and conferences with representatives of other governmental units and as a participating member of area and statewide organizations and committees.

The City Manager's Office maintains ongoing communications with elected officials at the state and federal levels. This office leads and participates in the gathering and refining of information dealing with local government activities, constantly seeking better and more efficient ways to accomplish the local government function.

City Manager David Orr can be reached at (903) 798-3902 or by email.

City Secretary/Council Liaison

The City Secretary's Office is responsible for administrative support to the Mayor and serves as the primary contact and support to the City Council. The City Secretary's Office oversees Council Meetings and Agendas, Elections, Vital Statistics Office, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission certifications, and Records Management.

This office also prepares mayoral proclamations and certificates of recognition, reviews and processes Public Record Requests, preserves historical documents, verifies compliance and issues permits regarding Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission applications, oversees the issuance of public amusement permits, precious metal permits, coin-operated machine permits, Itinerant Vendor Permits, the codification of ordinances with Municipal Code Corporation, maintains boards and commissions information, periodic review of the city charter, website updates, and other various duties.

Jennifer Evans, TRMC, City Secretary/Council Liaison, can be reached at (903) 798-3930 or by email.

Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer for the City of Texarkana, Texas acts as the spokesperson for the city, liaison for the media, and disseminates pertinent information to the general public. This office is responsible for developing, implementing, and coordinating marketing and public relations programs within various departments and for the City in general. The Public Information Officer will represent the City in the community and at professional meetings as required. This office will respond to media on crises requiring a public information statement and will manage press conferences as required.

Lisa Thompson, Public Information Officer, can be reached at (903) 798-1743 or by email.  

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