Emergency Management

Mission Statement

Texarkana, Texas Office of Emergency Management (OEM) administers a comprehensive emergency management program, through coordination and collaboration with local stakeholders, the state, and federal government in order to save lives, protect property and safeguard the environment through a risk-based, all-hazard emergency management plan.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for governmental, volunteer, private and non-profit sectors, including businesses, faith-based, access and functional needs organizations, and the general public to work together - as a Whole Community - to create effective plans, acquire necessary resources and adequately train, plan for, respond to, and recover from all-hazard emergencies and disasters.  

Values Statement

The City’s Emergency Management Program has adopted the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and follows the National Preparedness Goal’s five mission areas:  Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, Recovery from threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to our community.  The City of Texarkana, Texas - OEM maintains an Advanced Level of Emergency Preparedness through the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM).

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Fire Chief / Emergency Management Coordinator

Chief Chris Black: 903-798-3994
Email Chief Chris Black

Emergency Management Administrative Coordinator

Find us on Facebook at TexarkanaOEM

Your attention and awareness of suspicious behavior or activity, when promptly reported to police, can help prevent crime and save lives. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep Texas safe.

Preparations for terrorist attacks are often seen, but not always reported. When in doubt, report suspicious activity via iWatch or contact the local police by calling 9-1-1.  See Something, Say Something!

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