Contractor Services

Contractors licensed by the state of Texas and currently registered with the City of Texarkana, Texas may obtain permits through our office.

To register as a contractor or to apply for a permit with the city, please go to the following website:

Please call the office at 903-798-3912 for any questions.  

A homeowner may apply for permits through our office if they own and occupy the residence.  

Exception: A valid Texas State licensed plumber must make the sewer tap at the street, and the plumber must obtain a permit to do so.

Permits Available

  • Building Permits
    • New Construction
    • Remodel Existing Structure
    • Demolition of Existing Structure
  • Electrical Permits
    • New Construction
    • Remodel Existing Structure
    • Temporary Power or Pole
    • Change Out
    • Repairs; meter loop or general
    • Mobile homes
  • Plumbing Permits
    • New Construction
    • Remodel Existing Structure
    • Grease Trap
    • Sand / Oil Separator
    • Landscape; irrigation heads and reduced pressure zone (RPZ) devices
    • Gas Tests
  • Miscellaneous Permits
    • Street or alley-cut permit
    • Driveway permit
    • Sign permit - permanent, banners, portable & promotional signs
    • Moving oversized loads and/or houses
    • Swimming pool
    • Tent (for tents larger than 10' x 10')
    • Vent-a-Hoods