Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Energy Efficiency and Conservation includes fostering sustainable consumption and production by leading local efforts to ensure natural resources are produced, processed, and consumed in a more sustainable way. The city has partnered with SWEPCO's Commercial Solutions Program to retrofit four municipal buildings (City Hall, Southwest Center, Sign and Sign Signal, and the Street Department,) and 90 commercial buildings in the community for increased efficiency in lighting, HVAC, and reflective (white) roofs. Collectively, the 16 participating organizations installed energy efficient lighting, HVAC, and white "reflective" roofing that saved over 5,926,559 kWh of electricity and saved a combined annual cost of over $683,908.13.

For more information on the energy savings thus far please see the Municipal Building Energy Efficiency Tracking Chart (PDF).

Reduce Your Juice

"Reduce Your Juice (PDF)" was a competition between various municipal buildings involving all city employees. Each building within the competition was monitored monthly and ranked based on the percentage of kilowatt hours reduced from the same month during the previous year. Buildings in last year's competition included City Hall, the Health Department, the Library, the Perot Theatre, the Southwest Center, General Services, and all Fire Stations.

At the end of the six month competition, a free lunch and / or other prizes were given to the municipal building employees who reduced their energy consumption the most. The prizes were funded through SWEPCO's Commercial Energy Solutions Program.