Waste Collection & Recycling

Residential and commercial waste and recycling services are provided by Waste Management. Thanks to strong citizen support, the city’s residential curbside recycling program has increased participation rates from a household average of 4% in 2010 to over 70% today. In 2013, thanks to strong citizen support of our curbside recycling program, Texarkana, Texas recycled 86.86 lbs per capita and 1581 tons of material overall. 

Additionally, Waste Management provides weekly pick up service for both residential and commercial waste collection. Waste Management services routes on all weekday holidays, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our goal is to insure a prompt and efficient system for the waste collection and recycling of materials. If you have any problems or questions regarding your service please contact Waste Management at (903) 794-4111 or City Hall at (903) 798-3800.

Interactive GIS Waste & Recycling Neighborhood Pickup Schedules

Waste & Recycling Neighborhood Pickup Schedules PDFs

Waste Management Current Rate Structure

Waste Management Annual Report 

Waste Management Newsletter (PDF)

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