Address Number Posting

City Ordinance Requirements


An official building number placed pursuant to this section must be least 4 inches high, and have at least 0.5 inch stroke in the main body of the number, and be composed of a durable material and of a color which provides a contrast to the background. The number shall be mounted a minimum of 3 feet and a maximum of 30 feet in height measured from ground level. Buildings located more than 50 feet from the curb of a street shall have numbers at least 5 inches in height. For the purpose of this section, durable materials for use in numbering shall include but not be limited to, wood, plastic, metal, weather-resistant paint, weather-resistant vinyl, or weather-resistant numbers designed for outside use on a glass surface. Suitability of materials, size of numbers and locations, in nonstandard circumstances, shall be at the discretion of the public works department.


For single-family residences, the requirement of this section may be met by providing 2 inch high numbers on both sides of a U.S. mailbox located near the curb in front of the house, or a freestanding structure approved by the building official with numbers at least 4 inches in height. Only single freestanding mail boxes on the same side of the street as the structure represented shall be suitable for display of the official building number pursuant to this section.


The numbers shall be conspicuously placed immediately above, on, or at the side of the proper door of each building so that the number can be seen plainly from the street on which the number is based. Whenever any building is situated so that the number is not clearly discernible from the street line or vision of the building from the street is otherwise obscured, the number or numbers assigned shall be placed near the walk, driveway or common entrance to such buildings, and affixed upon a gatepost, fence, mailbox, post, or other appropriate place so as to be easily discernible. Numbers painted or stenciled on the curb shall not be a lawful substitute for the display of address numbers prescribed by this article.

Substitute Placement

Numbers on a mailbox, gatepost, or similar structure may be substituted for numbers on the building, but numbers painted on the curb are not an acceptable substitute.