Street Maintenance

Culverts, Ditches, Sidewalks & Trees

Driveway Culverts

The street division will establish the pipe size and the amount required for the driveway planned. The street division will install and backfill the pipe for the property owner once they have obtained a permit from the Inspection Division, and purchased the pipe for delivery to the site. You may call the street division at 903-798-3963 to arrange for driveway culvert installation.

Drainage Ditches

Where a drainage easement exists, the street division has the responsibility for maintenance such as mowing, silt removal, wash out stabilization, etc. If no easement exists, the maintenance responsibility normally is the property owner's. You may call the street division at 903-798-3963 to determine whether or not an easement exists.

Sidewalk Repairs

The city ordinance actually allows the city council to instruct the adjacent property owners to repair the sidewalk along their frontage. In residential areas, the street division will assist by removing damaged sections of sidewalk for the property owner.

Tree Removal

The street division cannot come onto your private property to remove any trees. If there is a dead or dying tree on the street or alley ROW adjacent to your property, the street division will remove that tree. To report a tree issue, please call 903-798-3963, or report it on the Street Maintenance Complaint Form.


How do I report problems with a street such as potholes, sweeping needs, curb repair, sight distance problems, etc.?

Please report any other street issue, such as; potholes, sweeping needs, curb repair, sight distance problem, etc.- during business hours by calling 903-798-3963, however, it is preferred that you utilize the Street Maintenance Complaint Form.

Litter Control

The City of Texarkana, Texas has a crew responsible for picking up litter and debris. The crew consists of two employees scheduled so that one is working all seven days a week. The crew’s main objective is to concentrate on the major arterial streets and roadways throughout the city. They pick up trash, limbs, tires, and other debris that has been thrown out or dumped in the right of ways. A schedule and a map have been created to show which areas will be cleaned up on specific days. The colors on the schedule correspond to the street colors on the map. If a situation occurs that needs immediate attention, please call the Public Works Department at 903-798-3948. You may also submit a request through the Street Maintenance Complaint Form.