Sign & Signal

Program Description

The Sign & Signal Division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of devices that assist citizens and visitors of Texarkana to move about the city safely, and in a timely manner. These devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Over 12,000 regulatory, warning, and guide signs.
  • Traffic signals at 68 intersections.
  • Advanced Rail Crossing and Fire Station warning signals.
  • Signal Ahead, School and Pedestrian Crossing warning beacons.
  • Pavement markings, including double yellow and broken white lines, parking space marking, turn arrows, crosswalks, stop bars, and raised pavement reflectors.
  • The luminary lighting system on various streets.
  • The luminary lighting system at traffic signal intersections.
  • The luminary lighting system around city parking lots and buildings.
  • The tornado warning sirens.

The Sign & Signal Division also has the following responsibilities:

  • Installation and maintenance of the Public Works Department two way radio system.
  • The design, fabrication, and installation of signs for other departments within the city.


To provide the highest quality of service with the equipment and personnel available. To constantly seek new and improved ways to enhance the division’s services and products we supply.

Report It!

To report a traffic hazard, such as Traffic Signal with no power or a missing Stop or Yield sign, please call 903-798-3968 for immediate assistance. These are traffic safety hazards that need to be addressed immediately.

To report a non-hazardous traffic issue or make a complaint to the Sign & Signal Department, please click on the link below:

Sign & Signal Complaint Form