Building & Standards Commission


The Building and Standards Commission serves in the best interests for the preservation of citizen health, public safety, and the general welfare of the city.


Building and Standards Committee hears and determines all cases concerning alleged violations or questions arising under ordinances:


  • For the preservation of public safety, relating to the materials or methods used to construct a building or improvement, including foundation, structural elements, entrance or exits.
  • Relating to dangerously damaged or deteriorated buildings or improvements.
  • Relating to conditions caused by accumulations of refuse, vegetation, or other matter that creates breeding and living places for insects and rodents.



5 Members - consisting of 1 attorney, 1 engineer, 1 member at-large selected from the building industry located within Texarkana, Texas,  1 building contractor, and 1 non-industry member at-large selected from the citizens of Texarkana, Texas.

 4 Alternate members

 All regular and alternate members of the commission shall be residents or own and operate businesses within the City of Texarkana, Texas.


2 years and no regular member may serve more that 2 consecutive full terms.


As needed


Mashell Daniel  /  (903) 798-3947