Community Outreach

Getting the Public Involved

Community opinion and involvement is vital to the success of Brownfields restoration. The EPA Brownfields grant must engage as many members of the community as possible to be successful. When Brownfields studies identify environmental issues, the solution is always a balance between cost and community benefit. The method of environmental restoration affects the type and amount of cleanup needed, if any.

For example, properties restored to business use often require less cleanup than for private home construction. You can help Texarkana determine the needs of our community as part of these decisions. In seeking environmental solutions in support of redevelopment, the project will incorporate your ideas in seeking the proper balance between protecting human health and the environment and an overall redevelopment strategy to create jobs, generate tax revenues and attract new residents and businesses.

You Can Help

Texarkana asks that you be involved. Be a part of a balanced solutions through written or email comments, attend public meetings, attend outreach activities associated with this project, or attend City Council meetings. These activities will assist you to understand the process and help shape the progress of our community's redevelopment efforts.

Helpful Resources

Printable Brownfields Brochure

Get Involved

The EPA requires cities receiving Brownfields grant money to involve members of the community. This occurs by providing opportunities for citizens to educate themselves on Brownfields redevelopment and participate in their community's effort. The following opportunities will soon be available to help engage our citizens in the this community effort:

  • City / Project Website
  • City Contact Personnel
  • City Television Programming
  • Newspaper Public Notices
  • Printed Fact Sheets
  • Public Meetings

Remember: Be a part of Texarkana's Brownfields Solution!