The Public Works Department is responsible for scheduling the demolition of substandard structures. The Demolition Program is utilizing in-house resources to demolish the substandard structures. As of 2016, the Council Top 40 Priority List structures completed all testing, abatements, and demolition. To date, the Public Works Department has demolished a total of 84 structures since the demolition program was brought into Public Works in 2014.

Currently, there are over 300 substandard structures on the substandard structure list. In 2016, City Council gave their approval to impact area specific neighborhoods with the demolition of multiple substandard structures, beginning in 2018. Please see Exhibit A (PDF) showing the neighborhoods that will be impacted first (Area 16, 17, 15, 14, and 13). The Public Works Department will demolish structures in 2 groups per area. For the 2018 demolitions, Area 16 (PDF) (a section of Beverly Heights Texarkana) is scheduled with Group 1 (PDF) occurring in May 2018, while Group 2 (PDF) will occur in August 2018. These groups will be scheduled by property at a later date.

For more information regarding substandard structures, please see the Inspections Department's Substandard Properties page.

The following is a map that shows the substandard structures in the City. The map Legend classifies them into 3 categories: Demolition Complete, Scheduled for Demolition, and Substandard. You can zoom in on the map and select the structures to give you information on each structure.