Capital Improvement Plan

A Capital Improvement Plan, or CIP, is a long-range plan which identifies capital projects and equipment purchases, provides a planning schedule and identifies options for financing the plan.
The Texarkana, Texas City Council adopted a 2016-2017 budget on Monday, September 12th, 2016 that includes a Capital Improvement Plan with 53 projects spanning through the year 2044.
Here’s a list of the projects in Texarkana Texas’ CIP for this year:

Capital Improvement Plan

2017 Capital Improvement Project Descriptions

  • Roof Replacement- Replacing roofs for City buildings, including public works, parks, and the health department.

  • Forest Lake Concrete Reconstruction- This project would remove and replace all concrete pavement in the Forest Lake area. It would also include replacing all drainage structures associated with the street. For more information about this project, and progress updates, visit Forest Lake Reconstruction Project page.

  • Playground Equipment Replacement (All Parks)

  • Ball Field Lights at Spring Lake Park and Wallace Park Softball Fields- This Project would improve the ball-field lighting on Fields 1 &2 at Spring Lake Park -Swanger Complex, and Fields 1-5 at Wallace Park. This cost estimate would include all electrical upgrades, removal of old equipment and installation of new.

  • Walton Drive and Pavilion Drainage Improvements- This project would realign and improve an earthen drainage ditch.

  • Police Training Center Parking Lot Reconstruction- This project will improve the parking lots around the Police Training Center

  • Fire Training Field Phase 2 Enhancement- This project would increase the paved area by adding a second loop, add training props, and add a classroom to the property.

  • Spring Lake Park Dredging- Dredging activities will bring the pond to a depth of 10 feet, and the pond will be dewatered to facilitate the construction efforts. The project will also include the installation of gabion baskets with rock to support and enhance the perimeter of the pond. For more information about this project, visit our Alert page.

  • Courthouse Square Initiative- This project is a dual city effort to enhance and increase walkability around the existing Federal Courthouse/Post Office in downtown.

  • Building and Parking Improvements- Public Works- This project would expand and update the Street Department Building, expand the vehicle storage bays, repave the Fleet facility parking area, and pave the Street Department parking lot.

  • Cowhorn Creek Linear Park Trail- The Cowhorn Creek Linear Park Trail includes the construction of a ten-foot-wide paved trail that will run along Cowhorn Creek from Galleria Oaks eventually to the south side of Richmond Road. There are also proposed extensions into the Beverly & Rosehill Neighborhoods. This project may include possible funding from TXDOT, Partnership for the Pathway, and TP&W.

Design funding for the following projects:

  • Airport Terminal
  • Perot Theatre Restoration and Arts Park
  • Fire Station Relocation