Days Creek Watershed Restoration

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Goals and Objectives

  • Stabilize and naturalize 33,365 linear feet of stream channels
  • Restore 32 acres of wetlands
  • Preservation of 135 acres of forest, and enhancement of 36 acres of forested acres.
  • Provide ecological uplift of surface waters and habitats that contribute to Days Creek in immediate to very close proximity to the former Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation Wood Treating Facility (Tronox LLC) offsetting the resource injuries and ecological service losses that have occurred over time.
  • Improve native fish habitat
  • Increase riparian habitat
  • Promote local community economic revitalization 
  • Decrease risk and severity of stormwater flooding

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Project Overview

The goal of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) is to make the public whole by restoring injured natural resources.  NRDA Trustees within the State of Texas have chosen the City of Texarkana, TX as a location to restore natural resources that have been damaged over the years by harmful chemicals and oils.  The City received a grant of $9.8 million to address issues, restore and naturalize the creeks within the city that will benefit the public.  The project is call Days Creek Watershed Restoration, and it will provide access, recreation, biodiversity, and decreased risk/severity of storm water threats such as flooding.  Creeks that will benefit from this large scale project will include, Cowhorn Creek, Days Creek, Howard Creek, Swampoodle Creek, and Waggoner Creek.  The site map overview of all projects is included below.  For information regarding the timeline of the work plan and detailed tabs for each individual project please click here.  For additional questions please contact Administrative Programs Manager, Keith Beason.

City of Texarkana FINAL NRDA Work Plan October 15 2020

  1. Project 1
  2. Project 2
  3. Project 3
  4. Project 4
  5. Project 5
  6. Project 6
  7. Project 7
  8. Project 8
  9. Project 9
  10. Project 10

Project 1 - Cowhorn Creek Enhancement 

This project will focus on naturalization, which will include removing concrete channels and prior construction while replacing native vegetation of approximately 2,600 linear feet of creek channel along Cowhorn Creek near the Convention Center.  Naturalizing the creek will correct existing erosion and increase integrity of the creek bed and creek banks.  Additional action include  expanding bottomland hardwood habitats along this reach with native species, which will decrease risk and severity of flooding downstream.