ALERRT Level I (16-hr) (TCOLE #3311)

This dynamic course of instruction is designed to prepare the first responder to isolate, distract, and neutralize an active shooter.
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CIT Update 8-hr (TCOLE #3843)

This course will include a combination of lecture, scenario role-play and physical modeling. Participants are expected to be actively involved both verbally and physically.
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Eye-Witness Identification (TCOLE #3286)

This course is required for officers seeking their intermediate peace officer license.
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New Criminal Investigator (TCOLE #3296)

Effective investigation into crimes in Texas requires specific knowledge of Texas CPP, Penal Code and rules of evidence and procedure.
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PATC - Search Warrant & Major Crimes Investigation (TCOLE #3132)

his course is designed to teach police officers how to use search warrants as an effective tool in criminal investigations.
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PLET Patrol Officer Drug Investigations (TCOLE #2024)

This course will present information on basic drug identification and cutting agents for each of the major drugs.
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