What Reproductive Health Services do you offer?
We offer a comprehensive program for both males and females which includes:
  • Pap smear and breast exam provided by a local OB/GYN
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing/treatment/prevention counseling Immunizations
  • Blood pressure screening

  • Breast and testicular self-exam instruction
  • Pregnancy testing/prevention counseling
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Nutrition counseling

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1. Where is the Health Department?
2. Do you do physicals?
3. If my child feels bad, can he / she still receive shots?
4. Will these shots cause my child to run fever or feel bad?
5. Do I have to have an appointment?
6. I lost my child's shot record. Can I get a copy?
7. My child needs shots and I don't have the money right now. What can I do?
8. I can't bring my child in for his/her shots-can someone else bring him / her?
9. What Reproductive Health Services do you offer?
10. How much do Reproductive Health Services cost?
11. Do I have to obtain a health department permit to sell food?
12. How much does a health department permit cost?
13. Do I need a health card to work in a food services business?
14. Where can I find information about the requirements for operating a food service establishment and what the inspectors are looking for when they inspect a business?