What is Friends of Texarkana Parks?
The Friends of Texarkana Parks is a non-profit volunteer group interested in preserving, developing, and maintaining parks in Texarkana. The Friends of Texarkana Parks work in conjunction with the City of Texarkana, Texas Parks & Recreation Department in its efforts to provide recreational opportunities and maintaining park facilities. For more information please visit our Friends of Texarkana Parks page.

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1. Where is the Parks and Recreation Administration Office located?
2. What time do the parks close?
3. How many pavilions are available for parties or gatherings?
4. How am I able to reserve one of the pavilions at the city's parks?
5. How many softball fields are available to rent for tournament use?
6. Is fishing allowed at the city lakes? Is a license required?
7. Are we responsible for the Texarkana, Arkansas Parks and Recreation programs and facilities?
8. How many parks are located in the City of Texarkana, Texas?
9. What is Friends of Texarkana Parks?
10. Can I get involved with Friends of Texarkana Parks?