Is Texarkana, Texas a Zoned Community?
Yes, Texarkana, Texas is zoned with the following districts:
1. A Agriculture
2. SF-1 Single Family 1 Residential District
3. SF-2 Single Family 2 Residential District
4. SF-3 Single Family 3 Residential District
5. PUR Planned Unit Residential
6. 2F-1 Two Family-1
7. 2F-2 Two Family-2
8. TH Townhouse
9. MF-1 Multiple Family-1
10. MF-2 Multiple Family-2
11. P Parking
12. OA Office
13. NS Neighborhood Service
14. GR General Retail
15. CB Central Business
16. LC Limited Commercial
17. C Commercial
18. I-1 Industrial-1
19. I-2 Industrial-2
20. PD Planned Development
21. S Specific Use Permit

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1. Is Texarkana, Texas a Zoned Community?
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14. Do I need a permit to erect a sign?
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