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City Management

  1. City of Texarkana Board / Commission / Committee Membership Application

    Application for membership on the board, a commission, or a committee

  2. Park Usage Agreement
  1. City Shout-Outs

    Use this form to shout out to any city employee for something you admire, respect, love about them, or want to recognize.

  2. Report a Concern

Community Redevelopment and Grants

  1. Schedule Appointment

    Applicants can schedule an appointment to meet with Betsy Freeman and discuss one of the Housing Programs

Fire Department

  1. Home Inspection and Smoke Alarm Installment Request

    Texarkana Texas Fire Department will provide a free home inspection and smoke alarm installment at your request. Please fill out form... More…

  2. Request for Fire Station Tour

    Fire stations tours can be provided at any of the Texarkana Fire Stations. Please fill out information and we will reply back as soon... More…

  1. Request for Fire Report

Public Works

  1. Sign & Signal Complaint Form

    This form is for reporting non-hazard issues with traffic signals or road signs. If there is an emergency, such as no power to a stop... More…

  2. Street Lights Complaint Form
  1. Stormwater Management Complaint Form

    This form is for reporting suspicious discharge, trash or debris in storm drains, illegal dumping down a storm drain, in a ditch, etc.... More…

  2. Street Maintenance Complaint Form

    This form is for reporting complaints regarding any Road, Drainage, and Right of Way/Easement Maintenance. If you need to talk to... More…